Office Cleaning Services Brisbane

Office Cleaning Services Brisbane


Office Cleaning – Keep business running efficiently in a professionally cleaned workplace.

Your employees are greatly impacted by a clean environment and you send the message that you care if you give them a good environment to work in. Also, clients will gather an impression based on what they see. Avoid all of this and invest in office cleaning services. Easy Day Cleaning provides top notch office cleaning services all over in Brisbane. Contact us today and receive an obligation-free quote.

Maintaining a clean working environment allows your employees to enjoy a pleasant workplace, boosts productivity, and presents a professional image to your clients and visitors. Easy Day office cleaning services remove the hassle of coordinating in-house cleaners and keeping cupboards stocked with products. When managing a business with numerous employees and multiple offices, coordinating a cleaner can become a time-consuming task.

Tailored service

We can tailor our services to your requirements, no matter how big or small your project is. Our vast experience gained from servicing many Brisbane offices means we are flexible enough to cater to any additional cleans you may require, such as celebrating the recent office sales or the annual Christmas party.

Our office cleaning services include all standard services for work areas, kitchens, bathrooms and common rooms. Our services extend to both interior and exterior cleaning such as window cleaning, deep cleaning carpets and your contract can include consumables so you never need to worry about remembering to restock. Exterior cleans include windows, car parks, gardens and surrounds. Once you make booking with us you can keep peace of mind that y0ur office will be in safe hands.

Rapid response

It’s unfortunate, but emergencies do occur, this includes break-ins, storm damage or merchandise spills. Easy Day Cleaning flexible Rapid Response Team can be mobilised at any time to clean up after any incident. Our short response time allows your office to experience minimal downtime and open again for business as soon as possible.

Cleaners you can trust

Many offices contain expensive equipment as well as the personal belongings of staff. Feel safe in the knowledge that Easy Day Cleaning trustworthy industry reputation means you don’t need to worry about the safety and security of your office.

Our courteous and friendly staffs are recruited via our thorough selection process, and receive ongoing training in industry practices and techniques. Your designated Area Manager is always available to address any issues which arise, and our staff will proactively identify any safety or related issues within your workplace.

Beyond psychology and professionalism lies another great reason to keep an office clean: health. Offices are full of high-touch surfaces. All day, your staffs use the same doors, sinks, keyboards, and coffee pots; these are playgrounds for germs. Our corporate cleaning services will ensure that all germs are eradicated.

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